About This Site

This is not your typical developer site, to the contrary it was constructed by Robert’s good friend Jacob King who is an absolutely terrible developer. Then why has he built this site and why is he talking in third person you ask?

Because Rob is a badass and has done so much shit for my business and other people in the Internet marketing and WordPress community. So I had the funny thought, why not build a f***ing website for him?!

Instead of another Skype message from me, “Hey Robert, can you fix __?”

It was, “Hey Robert, guess what bud? I’m building some shit for you!”

Here is a video I made a while back that better explains our history:

So this is more about presenting the man’s work and creating the start for him to maybe share some of his more technical brain with the world. Or if somebody wanted to hire him and have him build something amazing, they could do so.

But then Robert being the beast he is, couldn’t help himself but jump in here for a minute and “spruce” things up. So I can’t take 100% of the credit for it.