What up friends and random followers? It’s been a while since I published anything here. I guess it’s because I never really devote time to growing my “personal brand”. It’s probably a mistake, but I just get shit done. Sometimes the work seems interesting enough to share, but most of the time it’s just business […]

Earlier today, a blog post profiling me went up on the WP Site Care blog. When the post was originally drafted, it included an additional answer to a question asked by Heather as part of my interview. Unfortunately, it was deemed too hot for the WP Site Care presses, so I’m publishing it here on […]

About two months ago I decided to delete my Twitter account. At the time, I wasn’t sure if it would be a permanent thing or if I’d wind up turning it back on eventually. Actually, in the moment, I didn’t give half a shit what happened because I was so pissed off. In the past, […]

Yesterday I was auditing backlinks for a few websites and I noticed something interesting. The site I was looking at had 100s of links from a site with URLs like http://website.com?attachment_id=32 At first I wasn’t sure why so many attachment pages were showing up without any kind of permalink structure because the site in question […]

Yes. You read that correctly. Using the methods that I’ll be outlining in this post, I managed to grow the email subscription rate for WP Site Care by 1,075% in about a month. This isn’t going to be a sales pitch for some new WordPress plugin or marketing tool. Instead, it’s an exact breakdown of […]